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Introduction to System Configuration

The Crystal Eye XDRs System Configuration module has an array of system settings related applications that can be used to cater to various customized requirements such as:

Common Time Scheduling for Various Tasks

The Task Scheduler app can be used for creation of pre-defined time buckets which can be used for scheduling multiple tasks such as vulnerability scanning, PCAP analysis, CE XDR configuration backups, and traffic rules (time-based triggering).

On-Premises Active Directory Server Synchronization with Crystal Eye XDR

Syncing on-premises Active Directory Server Users with the Crystal Eye XDR for integrating these users and allowing permission to access the remote users SD-WAN feature. Active Directory Authentication app allows these configurations.

Creating Crystal Eye XDR Users & Groups

Creation of CE XDR system users/groups and assigning account roles to them. The users and groups can also be used to implement configuration that enables user-based reports in various CE XDR modules and also create SSL VPN user account.

Crystal Eye XDR system configuration backups

Creating CE XDR system configuration backups. This can be achieved using the bare-metal backup & restore app and configuration backup and restore app.

Setting the System Data/Time

The date and time application can be used to set the system date, time, time zone and enable/disable the automatic time synchronization feature.

Implementing Hardware Redundancy

The High Availability can be used to setup Active-Passive High Availability in the CE XDR propagating hardware redundancy in its true sense boosting the organizationl business continuity plan.

Upgrading Crystal Eye XDR Operating System & Enable/Disable Automatic Software Updates

Initiating Crystal Eye XDR operating system upgrades and processing system updates can be done with the help of software updates application.

Viewing CE XDR System Registration Details

System registration details is an important reference while performing any type of engagement with the account manager, technical support team or evening upgrading services. The system registration