Introduction to System Dashboard

The System Dashboard enables administrators to manage various configuration settings and monitor different aspects related to the Crystal Eye XDR on-premise. It provides an overview of various applications and displays graphs that can be analysed. There are 10 widgets in the System Dashboard and each widget is linked to the application from where it draws the data. The dashboard contains an array of widgets that are shortcuts to access the related applications. The user-centric interface design allows administrators to easily monitor various aspects related to the Crystal Eye XDR on-premise on a real-time basis. It also provides an overview level data that makes monitoring hassle-free and reduces the administrative burden from a user's perspective.

The following are the widgets that can be found in the System Dashboard:

  • Network Interface Reports (Includes LAN, WAN, and Wifi interfaces)
  • Process CPU Usage
  • Process Memory Usage
  • Apps Status
  • Event Logs – Last 24 Hours
  • Shutdown/Restart
  • Users & Groups
  • Disk Usage
  • Recent Software Activity