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Introduction to Configuration Backup in Crystal Eye XDR


The Crystal Eye XDR provides the option of scheduling regular configuration backups. The backup target can be chosen in advance as per requirements (the prominent backup targets available are Local Backup in the XDR storage and USB backup).

Persistent configuration backup storage provides the much-needed leverage to revert to that backup. This is a useful feature as it allows preserving configuration changes that could otherwise get lost in an event of factory reset.

Scheduling Crystal Eye XDR Configuration Backups

All CE XDR Configuration Backup jobs can be scheduled, and the desired backup targets can be selected. The frequency of these backup jobs can be set to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. The backup files can be stored locally in the CE XDR hard drive, a USB device, RP Cloud, Own Server or Azure Cloud.

Know how CE XDR configuration backups can be scheduled Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

Performing an Instant one-time Full Backup

Depending on the requirements there are provisions to perform an instant backup that can be preferably stored in USB drive or locally in the CE XDR.

Learn how to initiate an instant one-time full backup

Storing CE XDR Configuration Backup Files in a USB

USB drive can be selected as the backup target and backup jobs can be scheduled to be triggered later in a cyclic way or can be triggered instantly.

Learn how to schedule CE XDR Configuration Backup to a USB Device

Storing Configuration Backup Files Locally in the CE XDR

The configuration backup job triggered using the planned scheduling module or the instant backup module can be stored locally in the Crystal Eye XDR.

Learn how to store the configuration backup files locally in the CE XDR

Restoring CE XDR Backup Configuration Files

All CE XDR configuration backups saved in the CE XDR hard drive, RP Cloud, Own Server, Azure, and USB Device can be restored.

Encrypting CE XDR Backup Configuration Files

The instant CE XDR configuration backup module has the provision to encrypt the CE XDR configuration files.

Learn how to trigger encrypted CE XDR backup