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Top Protocols


The Top Protocols widget in the security dashboard summarizes and displays the traffic size related to a particular protocol. Knowing the traffic size handled by a protocol in the Crystal Eye XDR network helps the CE administrator to better understand the traffic and from where it’s originating.


The information related to the traffic size of data transferred is categorized as per protocols used by devices in the CE XDR network. A detailed report covering this aspect can be fetched from the Protocol Detail Report under the Reports section. The CE XDR administrator can also know the device names and the protocols used by these devices. Similarly, the traffic can be further classified using the report data section and all of this can be downloaded in the PDF format.

How to interpret the data in the Top Protocols widget of the Security Dashboard?

The Top Protocols widget shows the traffic size from a particular protocol.


In the above graph, the information related to the traffic size is depicted in the bar graph. These bar graphs are aligned with a particular protocol. The CE XDR administrator can easily know the amount of data packets transferred pertaining to a particular protocol. For instance, in the above screenshot, the traffic size related to SSL VPN protocol is 516905 MB.