The Crystal Eye product allows for additional functionality to be deployed via an application marketplace. Application download, installation, and updating are backed by the Red Piranha Service Delivery Network (SDN). Each product has intricate licensing and signature file update capabilities, this is required primarily as the software and hardware will be deployed in varying configurations, with varying feature sets enabled. The marketplace consolidates all application updates, such as those for anti-virus, IDS and firmware on a single screen. The CrystalEye system will provide the capacity to check for updates on a specified schedule.

The primary purpose of the marketplace (as a component of the SDN) is to simplify the administrative burden of managing a XDR system and should allow for multiple deployment platforms to be easily managed by allowing easy access to the software needed to meet the requirements of various implementation types. At the time of review, the platform included many modules by default, however, it is planned that the release version of the product will move more of the existing functionality into the marketplace. This shift should allow for minimized resource usage, as users can enable individual modules based on their needs, eliminating unnecessary overhead.

Red Piranha will maintain control of billing and licensing of the add-on software and managed services via an integration of the marketplace and their in-house CRM system. Through this interface changes to service levels, hardware changes, device registration, etc.

Further to this, the SDN enables risk, event, and incident management as a service. In many cases, UTMs are set up and not monitored locally, often due to lack of adequate resources to do so. The SDN connection addresses this issue by allowing essential monitoring, maintenance and response to be undertaken remotely. The SDN is comprised of a number of servers that manage security updates, software updates, risk management, incident management, and event management service offerings.