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Introduction to Infrastructure Management

Managing IT Infrastructure (DHCP Server/DNS Server/Network Settings)

The Crystal Eye XDR is designed to act as a DHCP Server for all devices connected to the network. Static IP addresses can be assigned to devices in the network forming a firm baseline for asset management.

The CE XDR also acts as a DNS server as a part of a wide offering allowing centralized control for all DNS configurations such as DNS forwarding, manual DNS banning and DNS sinkholing. The app also has an enriched DNS reports section providing valuable insights on DNS requests over time(graph), Top request RRNAMES (table), Top Response Data (table), Top DNS servers (table). Top DNS Clients (table), Top Request Types (table), and Top Response Codes (table).

The CE XDR has capabilities to segregate network and implement customized network settings for various interfaces and zones with the help of the Network Settings application. Network segmentation and segregation is a fundamental network strategy that can be implemented to reduce the impact of a possible intrusion. This application can be used to activate LAN interfaces in the network, assign both custom zones to the activated LAN interfaces, assign IP subnet for the LAN and WAN interface, set netmask, alter the WAN settings etc.

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