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The Anti-phishing application blocks the user from visiting sites that are known to steal credentials and spread malware. The platform makes use of signature-based and heuristic mechanisms from automatically updated rules to identify malicious URLs. The platform intelligently scans URL’s, and the scanning engine ensures that cryptographic certificates are valid and match the host as claimed. The scanning process is also aimed at detecting links that are cloaked to deceive end users.


The Anti-phishing application works in tandem with Content filter application and Web proxy application.


The Anti-phishing application is installed by default and can be accessed from the left-hand navigation panel.

Left-hand Navigation Panel > Security Configuration > Gateway Security > Anti-phishing crystal-eye-xdr-anti-phishing-functionalities

Anti-Phishing Application Functionalities

The Anti-phishing application has certain specific functionalities that relate to various phishing aspects such as Signature Engine, Heuristic Engine, Block SSL Mismatch and Block Cloaked URLs. All these anti-phishing application functionalities can be blocked and enabled. However, we suggest that you enable all of them.

How to enable/disable Anti-phishing App functionalities Block Cloaked URLs, Block SSL Mismatch, Heuristic Engine, and Signature Engine?

Step 1: In the Anti-phishing application page, click the Enable/Disable button placed against the setting options, Block Cloaked URLs, Block SSL Mismatch, Heuristic Engine, and Signature Engine. crystal-eye-xdr-anti-phishing-functionalities