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Introduction to Assigning System Account Roles


The Account Roles menu category includes apps that allow the creation of users & groups in the Crystal Eye XDR, forming the foundation for developing role-based users and groups.

If there is a requirement, the administrator can easily create a new Group and assign new users to it. Both apps have provision to create, delete and modify groups and users in the Crystal Eye XDR network.


The Crystal Eye XDR has two default groups namely, rp_admin_group and rp_report_group.

Creating a User with Admin Privileges

The Crystal Eye XDR comes with a default admin account (with the username ‘admin’). However, there is a provision to create a separate user account with admin privileges.

Know how to create user accounts with admin privileges in the Crystal Eye XDR

Creating SSL VPN Users

The Crystal Eye XDRs SSL VPN which is used to connect remote users with the network requires the users to be assigned with the essential access policies after the user accounts are created. These users are created in the system using the user app

Know how user accounts are created in the Crystal Eye XDR

Creating User Groups with Restricted Access

The Crystal Eye XDR has extended capabilities that allows creation of user groups having restricted access to the report’s module only. This feature can be activated for internal teams that are meant to access the reports module of the CE XDR.

Know how user accounts with restricted access to the reports module can be created in the Crystal Eye XDR