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Risk Report


The Risk Auditing application feeds into the Risk Report application allowing users to view a multitude of reports and graphs providing you with a risk overview of your organisation at a glance.


The Risk Report application is installed by default and can be accessed from the left-hand navigation panel.

Left-hand Navigation Panel > Reports > Risk Report


Risk Report Options

There are various report viewing options available:

  • Risk Dashboard
  • Risk Trend
  • Risk Advice
  • Risks and Assets
  • All Open Risks Needing a Review
  • High Risk Report
  • Submitted Risks by Date
  • Management Reviews by Date

To view one of these options, select the option from the dropdown menu and click Submit.


Risk Dashboard

The Risk Dashboard option displays graphs on:

  • Risk Level
  • Status
  • Site/Location
  • Risk Source
  • Category
  • Team
  • Technology
  • Owner
  • Owners Manager
  • Risk Scoring Method

Below is an extract from the Risk Dashboard.


Risk Trend

The Trend option provides you with a line graph showing the number of open and closed risks over time. By hovering you mouse cursor over the graph, you will be presented with a summary of Open vs Closed risks.


Risk Advice

The Advice option provides advice and recommended actions.


Risks and Assets

Here you can view details of all the risks that have been submitted to the Red Piranha Compliance team.


All Open Risks Needing a Review

This section shows open risks that have not been evaluated yet.


High Risk Report

This is an important section showing details about the high level risks in your organisation.


Submitted Risks by Date

Here you can sort risks by date in ascending or descending order.


Management Reviews by Date

Management Reviews in this section can be sorted by date in ascending or descending order.


Reporting Overview

The Overview section provides the options of exporting the Risk Report as a pdf or as a CSV spreadsheet.

Overviews are provided of: - Open vs Closed risks - Mitigated vs Unmitigated risks - Reviewed vs Unreviewed risks


A quick summary is available by hovering your mouse cursor over the relevant graph as shown in the example below:


This example shows that there are 6 risks still open. The Overview section also provides a tabular display of risk quantities by date and category.