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Incident and Event Services SIEM


Crystal Eye XDR's SIEM collates metadata from across an organisation’s technology stack to provide monitoring and incident identification. The integration of these inputs within the Crystal Eye Operating System therefore offers broad visibility across networked systems which in turn provides more sophisticated threat detection through a deeper analysis of events. This orchestration also includes live event feeds from end points through on-demand event discovery that further enhances visibility for incident responders.

The SIEM app helps to manage various settings that defines the levels of security analysis done by Red Piranha’s Security Operations Team. Crystal Eye offers three security service levels namely, Level – 1 Silver, Level 2 - Gold and Level 3 - Platinum. The system also prompts the user to feed in the primary and secondary contact details which is used to contact the users by Red Piranha Security Operations Team for various security related correspondences. The administrator can also start and stop the SIEM Agent installed in the Crystal Eye appliance.


The Incident and Event Services SIEM application is installed by default and can be accessed from the left-hand navigation panel.

Left-hand Navigation Panel > Compliance Control > Incident and Event Services (SIEM) Application crystal-eye-xdr-nav-siem

SIEM Agent

The SIEM Agent is a part of a larger platform and identifies various threats detected by the CE XDR appliance through various types of log files and sends them to the SIEM Server for further analysis.

The SIEM Agent Status section shows the current running status of the SIEM Agent and also shows whether the SIEM agent is connected to the Crystal Eye Security Operations Center (CESOC). See the reference screenshot below


Threat Analysis As a Service

There are various types of threat analysis done by the Security Operations Team of Red Piranha for its clients. These threat analytics are offered as a service as per the service level opted by the user under the Incident and Event Services (SIEM) section.

Red Piranha’s Security Operations Team delves into the log files generated from various default apps installed in the CE XDR appliance which is sent by the SIEM agent to the SIEM Server. These log files give insights on the various threats patterns that can pose a risk to the network infrastructure.

The various threat analysis types performed by Red Piranha’s Security Operations Team based on the opted Service Levels are discussed below.

Silver SIEM

Silver SIEM manages events related to the Availability and Integrity of the CE Asset. This essential tier of service is packaged with all CE series emplacements and included in the Enterprise License.

App Name Format Description
Integrity Check syscheck Checks the system integrity across the file system
Mail Log syslog Monitors the system internal mail notifications for events.
Messages Log syslog Monitors Crystal Eye system security messages.
Rootkit rootkit_trojans Detects possible compromise of the Crystal Eye OS.
System Settings apache Monitoring GUI access and GUI system audit logs.
Forcefield & AAI syslog Forcefield provides the CE OS with real-time protection through Automated Actionable Intelligence (AAI). This acquires indicators from local attacks and receives central intelligence from Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) membership and proactive curation of rules contributed by Red Piranha’s Security Teams.
Event Escalation The local asset Administrator has access to use Human Machine teaming to escalate an Event or Indicator of Compromise (IOC) directly to the Red Piranha SecOps team. This event type are treated at level 3 for analysis and can be used to initiate further threat hunting or an initial Incident investigation, subject to the incident escalation and acceptance process.


Gold SIEM manages events related to the logging of network level activity.

App Name Format Description
Content Filter syslog Monitors User internet activity and enforcement of policy in the Secure Web Gateway
Antivirus syslog AV scans web, FTP, mail, & transiting files.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) syslog Monitors and block the transit of sensitive files.
Secure Web Gateway syslog Monitors Web and Email protocols and application layer payloads for viruses and other indicators of compromise.
Application Control syslog Monitors Alerts from the patented encrypted application allow listing feature
AI/ML Anomaly syslog Provides essential IDPS anomaly detection for specific attack vector protocols like Kerberos, SMB and SSH and changes in behavior on the deployment related to SID detection.

Platinum SIEM

Platinum SIEM manages events relating to the collation of TTPs across the data lake. In-depth IDPS analysis includes all preceding logs, bespoke IOT protocols, and can include third party ingestion for custom implementations.

App Name Format Description
Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDPS) syslog The IDPS app performs security scanning at the network level in real-time. All local data is relayed across the SDN for extensive analysis to identify malicious intent through the correlation of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) across all ingested inputs.