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Introduction to SD-WAN

Connecting Sites and Remote Workers Using Crystal Eye XDRs SD-WAN Tech Stack

Crystal Eye XDRs SD-WAN offers the capability to connect multiple sites and create a VPN mesh architecture using IPsec VPN or Wireguard VPN. In addition to this, it also provides a robust VPN platform for remote access users creating SSL VPN tunnel between a site and single user end-point device such as laptops, desktops, phones and tablets.

The IPsec VPN application has elaborate features that allow users to create custom IPsec VPN policies. These IPsec policies play a vital role in outlining specific recommendations and best practices for securing the IPsec VPN connections.

The encryption methodology configured allows the IPsec tunnel to provide security functions such as ‘privacy’. Some of the other security functions offered by CE XDR’s IPsec VPN provide the required integrity of the content through data authentication. It is imperative to configure a strong cryptography on the IPsec VPN connection so that the tunnel is not at risk and that the data confidentiality is not lost.

The SSL VPN application of the CE XDR is used to create Remote-access VPN connections in full tunnel mode and split-tunnel mode. CE XDR’s SSL VPN application essentially allows users to connect to a remote network behind the CE XDR with the help of secured SSL based connections. The Crystal Eye XDR provides cutting edge technology ensuring smooth connectivity over a VPN network.

The WireGuard application is a modern VPN solution (as compared to SSL VPN) and it utilizes inbuilt state-of-the-art cryptography. Crystal Eye XDR offers the capability to implement site-to-site VPN allowing users to connect to resources placed in multiple sites. The app can be switched to both split-tunnel mode and full tunnel mode to create a secure tunnel between multiple sites.

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